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The child of a Military Family, Lisa was born in central California and spent only a few short years there before being shipped off to the western hills of Germany.  After her father retired, she moved to Ellensburg, WA, where she lived for a short year before thinking that moving to North Dakota sounded fun. It wasn't and she returned to Ellensburg after three frozen years.

She got into art after seeing her friend draw and wanted to be as cool as they were. While she'd never achieve her dream of being cool, she found a love of creating that never left her. She drew her way through middle and high school, while also enjoying other areas of the art field. Cellist, set designer, theater tech, and actor, she loved being a part of creating something. But it was drawing that remained her main passion and she pursued it at the Art Institute in Seattle.

After obtaining two degrees, she's worked for several companies around the Seattle Area as well as freelancing. She's been a part of several local art shows and has contributed to two charity fan zines. Just two weeks after getting married, Lisa shared her first Artist Alley table with her husband and is excited to see where this new adventure leads them.

When she isn't creating, Lisa can usually be found spending time with her neighbors in her Animal Crossing town. She also loves exploring new worlds in video games, novels, and comics. 

Lisa currently resides in North Seattle with her husband and their two pets: a super adorable fluffy cat and their lumpy, clumsy Labrador.