Owner/Artist of 'Art of Lisa Pelayre'    2010 - Present
     -Working with clients to provide illustrations, pixel art, character concepts, invitation design, comic pages, and print layouts
     -Managing overlapping project deadlines to meet goals
     -Maintaining an ongoing and positive presence on social media platforms
     -Tracking and ordering business and packaging supplies as needed
     -Tracking invoice payments and business expenses
     -Attending local conventions as a vendor
            Past Shows include: Emerald City Comicon, Sakuracon, Lilac City Comicon, Renton City Comicon, Jet City Comic Show, Geek Girl Con
     -Managing inventory, fulfilling orders, and tracking expenses for my online print shop
     -Actively seeking new opportunities to continue to grow my business

Outsourcing Coordinator     January 2019 - Present
Stela @ breakoutBit (Mobile Comics App Android/iOS)
-Oversee 7 projects at varying stages of production
                     -Working with Art Director, Writers, and Artists to plan out required work assignments
                     -Drafting and sending out contracts and NDAs for signature
                     -Tracking assignments and updating schedules as work is being sent out and received
                     -Checking delivered work for accuracy
                     -Creating Project folders for deliverables
                     -Saving and organizing both sent and received work files
                     -Maintaining communication with contractors via email
                     -Creating work procedure and file set up guidelines for contractors

Artist/Designer/Writer     July 2018 - Present
Stela @ breakoutBit (Mobile Comics App Android/iOS)
                      Lumi White (Ongoing Title)
Writer/Project Manager (March 2019 - Present)
-Working with Storyboard artist to complete scripts for the story
-Ensuring pacing and character development happens in a timely and engaging manner
-Tracking progress of assets to ensure team meets deadlines
Writing Assistant (July 2018 - March 2019)
Worked with Writer and Storyboard artist to outline 84 main chapters and 4 special
-Worked with Writer to prep and present the project to the entire company
-Assisted with writing dialogue as needed
-Assisted with tracking and updating project progress
Lead Color Flat Artist
Apply Color flats and prep Line Art pages for Background Artists
-Create Character Flat reference sheets
-Schedule and review work of other color flat artists
Comic Lettering
-Layout and Design dialogue and sound effects for the page
-Clean up art as needed to ensure high quality and readable product
-Work with the writer to ensure that the dialogue flows smoothly
-Track and deliver publish ready files to meet all deadlines
                     Haven (Upcoming Title)
Comic Lettering
-Oversaw and reviewed finished pages
-Worked with writer to format script to company standard
Color Flats
-Assist team as needed
                      Lucha and the Wolf (Completed Title)
Color Flats
-Assist team as needed
                      Alyan (Ongoing Title)
Color Flats
-Assist team as needed
                     Valadon (Upcoming Title)
Color Flats
-Assist team as needed
Comic Lettering
-Assisted with Layout and designed dialogue and sound effects for the page as needed
-Oversaw and reviewed finished pages

Artist/Designer     Jan - Aug 2015
     Kaiten Labs - Gentritown (Surface/Android)
            -Worked with a team of three to concept and develop a 2D game for mobile that deals with the social issue of gentrification.
    Featured in the 8bitHistory Gallery Show, August 2015

Comic Artist/Character Concept     2012 - 2013
     Zachtronics - IronClad Tactics (PC)
          -Worked with the writer and art director to plan, layout, and pencil 70+ pages for the in-game graphic novel
          -Collaborated with the art director to concept and design the main cast of characters
     Featured at PAX Seattle 2012 and 2013

Flash Animator/Game Play Designer     April - June 2010
     Cricket Moon Media
          Dora's Big Birthday Adventure (PC/Web)

               -Designed and built a puzzle game that featured 7 different versions
               -Designed and built an item matching game that featured randomly generated characters
               -Concepted, designed, and animated assets and effects for three other games
          Dora's Crystal Kingdom Expansion (Web)
               -Designed and animated an unlockable scene
          Den Brother Website Extras (Web)
               -Concepted and designed printable fliers
               -Concepted and designed website elements and icons

Flash Animation Intern     Feb - April 2010
     BizKid$ - PBS Production
          -Animated three shots using pre-built rigs

Lead Animator/Production Manager    2008 - 2009
     'My Lucky Pug' Student Film
           -Lead Animator for three main characters
           -Managed a team of 5 Artists to create a film from start to finish in one year
           -Tracked and managed scene progress, assets, and production files
           -Procured supplies as needed for the project

Director/Animator   June - Aug 2008
     'Dum-Pu-Ling' Student Film
           -Conceptualized, story-boarded, and pitched film idea for approval
           -Managed a team of 5 to complete the film in 12 weeks
           -Lead animator on two main characters
     Film was featured in the Media Madness Student Film Festival in 2008


AnimationMentor     2010 - 2012
     Advanced Character Animation and Locomotion
               Chris Chua - Animator, PIXAR
               David Weatherly - Animator, Dreamworks
               Drew Adams - Animator, Dreamworks
               Mark Pullyblank - Animator, Sony
               Boola Robello - Animator, Warner Bros
               Sean Sexton - Lead Animator, Dreamworks
          Peer Review Buddy     3 Quarters
               -Responsible for mentoring 2 students a quarter, providing weekly work reviews and advice. 

The Art Institute of Seattle     2006 - 2010
     Bachelor's of Fine Arts - Media Arts and Animation
          Student Leadership Program     2007
               -Nominated for the 6 week program that trained students in leadership techniques
          Founder and Vice-President of the 'Untitled 2D Animator Club'     2008 - 2010
               -Planned weekly club meetings and activities
               -Hosted weekly drop in tutoring hours for Animation